Multi-talented Artist Jörgen Andersson Gets Dimensional With The Release Of His New Single “Covered In Snow”

In a world of overblown hype, Jörgen Andersson has once again proven to his fans how talented and devoted he is to making his music with his recently released single titled “Covered In Snow.”

Jörgen Andersson is a multi-talented singer and songwriter from Sweden. This talented genius has taken out time to learn all there is to know about his craft. His latest single, “Covered In Snow,” is entirely different from his other songs. He started writing this song from a beautiful text sent to him by his daughter Emilia and then added a melody to it. He first recorded it with a complete set of drums, bass, and guitars, then later recorded it with his main instrument: piano.

The single “Covered In Snow” has a soft beat that immediately captures your soul and keeps you coming back for more.

Check out his latest single, “Covered In Snow,” on Spotify below:

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