Mizz Faith Reveals Why She Started The Pink Talk Podcast

Courtesy of Mizz Faith

Mizz Faith’s Inspiration came when she was a child. She loved going downtown Winston Salem with her mom or her late father back in the 1980s in downtown Winston Salem. Our downtown had stores where we could shop for clothing and music, etc.

And there was once an old record store that no longer exists where entertainers used to visit when they had concerts or was passing through town. Her vision is to make a place for those entertainers and entrepreneurs again. Faith misses seeing it as she used to walk by and took her allowance and bought the latest cassette tapes. Because growing up on the East side of town, there was a lot of crime.

Her escape from the negativity was listening to music and watching music videos and fashion, particularly Bad Boy’s P.Diddy, Biggie Smalls, Lil Kim, Mary J. Blige, and The Lox. She incorporated her love for fashion and music. She briefly became a clothing boutique owner, but decided to return to my career in health care.
She has a saying that she says to herself, “once you’re an entrepreneur, you will always be an entrepreneur.”

Therefore, when she moved back to her hometown after living in Charlotte, NC for a few years, she decided to create a platform to compensate for reminiscing about that old record store downtown and spotlight local individuals. Over the years, she learned that if you do not see what you want in life, they go to create it, and therefore Pink Talk Podcast was created.

Pink Talk Podcast is a relatively new podcast that gives individuals, smaller businesses, and entrepreneurs a platform form to share their story and provide valuable information to the community and another entrepreneur state of mind an outlet that they can relate to.

Pink Talk Podcast consists of Faith, the creator, and producer that bring this vision together, and Lawrence Jackson [Coldplay_wu, who is currently on personal leave], is the original host. Robert Wilder [Bobbie Bugatti, the Celebrity Host was a guest on the show, but returned as a Co-host. Now two leading hosts. He has been a host to many celebrities and local talent for years. Both of their presence helped to give Pink Talk the vision that Faith wanted to create.

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Written by Landon Buford

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