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Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Praises Afrobeats During Recent Trip To Nigeria [Watch]

During an event in Lagos State, business mogul Bill Gates shared an endearing anecdote about his youngest daughter, Phoebe. Gates revealed that Phoebe was excited about his visit to Nigeria because it meant he would have the opportunity to meet Nigerian music stars Burna Boy and Rema. The philanthropist mentioned Phoebe’s enthusiasm while highlighting the incredible creativity and influence of Afrobeats music globally.

“Of course, being here in Nigeria, I can’t help but mention the amazing creativity that goes on here. Afrobeats from Nigeria are popular everywhere.” He went on to mention his 20-year-old daughter and her love for the genre and culture as well. Gates said, “When my daughter Phoebe heard I was coming to Nigeria, she said, ‘You’re lucky to go see Burna Boy and Rema.’ So, I had to look them up… because I’m so ‘hip.’ But I also remember, the last time I was here, I did get to see Davido and Wizkid perform and I was quite impressed with that. So, my kids think I’ve come to a very hip place.”

Gates, along with billionaire businessman Aliko Dangote, had previously visited President Bola Tinubu as part of the Gates Foundation’s commitment to collaborating with communities and leaders to support innovation. The mention of his daughter’s anticipation for his encounter with Nigerian music icons added a lighthearted touch to his opening address.

Recalling a previous visit to Nigeria, Gates acknowledged the immense talent of Davido and Wizkid, whom he had the opportunity to see perform. Their performances left a lasting impression on him, prompting him to express his admiration for the country’s vibrant music scene. With his children considering his trip to Nigeria as an exciting venture to a “hip” place, Gates embraced the appreciation for Nigerian artists and the global popularity of Afrobeats.

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Written by Landon Buford

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