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Michael Jackson Embarrassed By Michael Jordan

Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan are two legendary individuals in their respective fields. They have dominated the 90s. It has been noted that Jordan was once featured in Jackson’s music video known as ‘Jam’. The song was the opening track from his album Dangerous and was released in 1992. While fans loved watching both MJs together on-screen, it was the behind-the-scenes video that had fans buzzing about them.

Michael Jordan learns Moonwalk from Michael Jackson

Jackson’s ‘Moonwalk’ remains to one of the iconic signature steps of ‘The King of Pop.’ The Chicago Bulls legend went on to learn the spectacular move from the man himself. In a rare behind-the-scenes video, the duo could be seen having a great time while teaching each other their skills. While Jackson attempted to block Michael Jordan in a one-on-one, the latter tried learning some dance moves from Jackson.

In the video, Jackson referred to Jordan as the most significant sports legend of all time. Furthermore, he added that he knew it would be amazing, so he had asked the crew to set up cameras to obtain footage of the epic moment.

“I think this is my favorite part of the whole short film because it’s candid, you know…it’s fun,” said Jackson. “He was really embarrassed, he said,” Jackson added while laughing.

After teaching several dance moves to Jordan, he lastly attempted to teach the moonwalk. Jackson didn’t seem to achieve much success in doing so, but of course, Jordan turned out gave his best no matter what.

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