Meek Mill’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina Says He Would Take A Bullet For Rev. Al Sharpton During Triumph Award Acceptence Speech

Meek Mill was released from prison on bail after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a controversial judge’s sentence. This decision came after District Attorney’s office in Philadelphia due to concerns involving the credibility of police officer who was a key witness.

On November 6, of last year Meek was sentenced to two to four years in state prison for violating his probation. Meek Mill had been on probation for nearly a decade after being convicted on gun and drug charges at the age of 21. Just days after his sentence was announced  #FreeMeek started appear on and off of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On November 13th, former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback  Colin Kaepernick tweeted that Meek’s case was a prime example for criminal justice reform.

Last night Meek’s Lawyer Joseph Tacopina,was awarded with the President’s Award for Service and Humanitarian Effort by the National Action Network and Reverend Al Sharpton “Meek mill was an individual being trampled on by the Philadelphia justice system,” said Tacopina of Meek Mill.

Tacopina would continue “Meek Mill is out of jailbecause of Rev. Al Sharpton,” said his lawyer Joseph Tacopina.

As for Rev. Al Sharpton “I would take a bullet for him,” said Tacopina.

Upon Meek’s release from prison Meek Mill went from the courthouse to the helicopter to a 76ers NBA playoffs game, thanks to the leadership of Rev. Al Sharpton,” said his lawyer Joseph and finished by stating “Meek Mill became a voice for the voiceless.”

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