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Mavs’ Darrell Armstrong Praises Mark Cuban For Being On Frontlines of BLM & COVID-19

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Last week Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban turned 62 years old. If you have noticed over the last couple of months since the NB日本藤素 A has been on a hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, Cuban has been on the first lines on both subjects speaking to numerous news outlets.

How does individuals with-in the organization feel about Cuban’s contributions?

Mavericks’ assistant coach, Darrell Armstong was recently on the What’s Your Opinion Podcast and praised Cuban for his willingness to speak up on both topics and being hands-on when it comes to the Mavs organization.

“It’s the best. I put a post one time not too long ago and a cop was being a little aggressive with a guy and he starts punching the cop. When I posted the post I stated this is how I felt at the time. I’m not going to change my behavior or what think. That is how I felt. Right away Mark [Cuban] text me and was like DA, you are alright? And I said I’m sick of this type of behavior from cops, but I took the post down,” Armstrong shared.

“You always appreciate an owner that is hands-on that watch, and knows if something that we post, he is right on it right away and I thanked him for what he has done. For the movement, Black Lives Matter making these situations better, not only for us but our players period. The organization and he’s just always been hands-on,” said Armstrong.

“I feel bad for the guys now because when I played with the Mavs, the best thing for us is he always flew with us. Now, he doesn’t fly with us a lot. He hardly ever flies with us, so it was always fun to have there and if wanted to talk to him you could talk to him on the plane. So, I feel bad for our guys and I guess ‘Shark Tank’ is doing so well, that he has to fly-in for the games.”

The Mavericks are scheduled to play the Suns on Sunday night at 7 pm EST on Fox Sports Southwest.

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Written by Landon Buford

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