Larry Coleman 2020’s Latest Release: “On My Own” feat. Kung Fu Vampire

Larry Coleman 2020’s latest release, “On My Own,” featuring Kung Fu Vampire, is a raw, independent anthem that resonates with anyone who has had to work hard to make it in the music industry. Produced by Roblo of Mobfigaz, this dark and edgy track showcases the talents of two South Bay, California’s most relentless artists.

Coleman, a Las Vegas-based independent hip-hop artist, has gained recognition for his unique blend of West Coast and gritty Detroit sounds. His “Hunger Games” series, a four-part volume of work dedicated to independent artistry, features collaborations with some of the top names in the underground hip-hop scene.

“On My Own” speaks to artists’ struggles and challenges when trying to make a name for themselves. Coleman’s journey to success was challenging, and this track is a testament to the hard work and determination required to make it in the music industry. With Hunger Games 2 set for release on April 7th, Larry Coleman 2020 shows no signs of slowing down.

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