Laron Smith – No Distractions



Laron Smith is a passionate Rapper and Hip Hop Artist who is based in Brooklyn, New York. Hailing from the Marcy Projects, his love of music started at the age of 14 when he would see straight guys rapping at the local park. For the next few years, Laron started crafting and fine-tuning his very own lyrics and verse. By the time he was 17, he wrote a song for Rita Ora which featured Bruno Mars. While it didn’t hit the cut for the album, the opportunity gave him just the push he needed to make rapping a full-time gig.

While he spent some time behind the scenes, Laron eventually started sharing his work with loved ones. Seeing his intimate talent, his family and friends encouraged him to officially get into the music industry and never look back. From writing for others to showcase his rapping, songwriting, and arranging expertise, Laron has come a long way musically and continues to hone his creative skill set every single daylight.

Currently, Laron Smith has been avidly working on his debut mixtape/EP titled “No Distractions.” The title is inspired by an important message that is very close to his heart: No matter how many roadblocks or naysayers come your way, follow your dreams unapologetically and relentlessly until you reach the top. Utilizing his extensive graphic design background, he is also creating a unique cover for his mixtape.

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Written by Landon Buford

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