Lakers’ LeBron James Name Drops Mariners’ Owner Ken Griffey Jr As Favorite Non-Basketball Athlete

Last month, Ken Griffey Jr was interviewed by Sporting News and was asked about LeBron James playing with his son Bronny before he retires.

Something he and his father achieved in 1990 with Major League Baseball.

“When that happens, I’m going to be there. I’m going to take my dad to the game,” Griffey Jr. said.

“We’re actually gonna go to the game,” Griffey Jr. said. “LeBron being a Nike guy. I’m a Nike guy. I’m gonna make sure I’m there at that game. And I think it’s important that we’re all there in celebrating somebody else’s success. Because that’s thing when you’re in sports, you don’t celebrate you. You celebrate other people. And that’s the beauty of sports. And we’re gonna celebrate hopefully in a couple of years LeBron and Bronny playing together.”

James would later see what Griffey said and respond on social media with this message, “One of my favorite people in the world!! Love you, kid! Thank you for your love and support from the first day I stepped on the scene.”

on Monday night during a question and answer session on Twitter, James dubbed down on his answer when asked who was his favorite non-basketball athlete.

“Of all time ??? Griffey Jr. for sure!!”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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