La Purp’s “Alien” is an intergalactic journey through hip-hop.

Houston, TX, and Nashville, TN-raised rapper and singer La Purp has released her latest track, “Alien,” a unique and creative addition to the hip-hop genre. The song’s title alone is enough to pique one’s interest, and the track does not disappoint.

La Purp’s “Alien” is a journey through space and time, with the artist’s unique vocals and lyrics taking listeners on an intergalactic ride. The lyrics are out of this world, touching on loneliness, isolation, and the search for identity. The song’s beat is a mix of classic hip-hop and electronic, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

La Purp’s talent as a rapper and singer is evident in “Alien,” as she seamlessly blends both styles throughout the track. The song showcases La Purp’s ability to create something new and fresh in the hip-hop genre, proving that she is an artist to watch.

With “Alien,” La Purp has solidified herself as a unique hip-hop voice with a creative vision that sets her apart from her peers. If “Alien” indicates what’s coming from La Purp, then hip-hop and music fans have much to look forward to.

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