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Kodak Black Continues to “Expeditiously” Get in More Trouble

Can we finally cancel Kodak Black for good now? I mean, what more can he do to prove that he’s nothing but a troublemaker, and doesn’t care? He’s already on trial for sexual assault, disrespects Nipsey, and now he tries to sneak drugs and weapons across the border. What type 必利勁
of idot would even think that they could get away with something like that? Especial犀利士
ly if you’re a celebrity, you should know that there are more eyes on you than there is the average person.

You would think that being accused of sexual assault would be enough to cancel him, but yet he still has supporters. This is the reason that so many rapists and pedophiles in the industry get away with things, because they have people to cover for them, and their fans cant get past the music that they “love” so much. Which is confusing concerning Kodak Black, because he doesn’t create great music.
Give troublemakers what they deserve, trouble. There are too many great artists out here to be dealing with Kodak Black. Get rid of him and create space for someone else.

What do you think?

Written by Tre'Oshula Mone't

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