Knicks Governor James Dolan Sounds Off-On Rumors That He’s Selling The New York Knicks

(Photo by Rich Graessle/Getty Images)

James Dolan concludes any discussion on the sale of the New York Knick by laughing at the idea and saying bluntly that it is not happening.

Rumors began to stir up earlier this week when investment analyst Jonathan Boyar predicted Dolan would sell the team after the new MSG sphere opens in Las Vegas next year.

One MSG representative quickly denied speculation saying there was “no plan” to sell the Knicks and the New York Rangers.

Dolan confirmed the statement as he was leaving businessman Noah Tepperberg’s birthday party at LAVO in West Hollywood smiling and saying, “no” after being asked about the rumors, according to TMZ Sports.

Knicks fans have been pleading with Dolan to sell the team for years. It even cost a Knicks fan to be banned for life after he told Dolan to sell the team from about 25 feet away as he was talking off the court.

“Dolan himself made sure, came down and shouted ‘FOR LIFE’ and kept walking,” the fan tells us, “It was surreal to say the least.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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