Kevin Durant Could Be Out Between Two Games to Three Weeks, Says Ex-Lakers’ Trainer Marco Nunez

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On Monday, the Brooklyn Nets announced that Kevin Durant would miss Tuesday’s game against the Pelicans. Durant suffered a left thigh contusion against the Miami Heat on Sunday night. Durant has already missed 34 games this season and only appeared in 24 games.

The two-time Finals MVP had to leave the game after four minutes because of the thigh issue.

Former Los Angeles Lakers trainer Marco Nunez was on Clubhouse on Monday night answering questions on LeBron James, Anthony Davis, LaMelo Ball, and Kevin Durant.

“I think KD has Mild Contusion to his quad, which leaves a bruise in that area. Unfortunately for KD, a bruise to your quad can be very uncomfortable and very painful. If you use that muscle, it gets painful,” said Nunez on Clubhouse in the Los Angeles Lakers Fan Club room.

“At this time, there is no set timeline. With a contusion, it varie犀利士 s from person to person. It is really up to him and how he feels once the pain goes down. Some players may come back in two games, and others may wait two to three weeks because of mobility.”

Dr. Randy Chan, PT, DPT, who was also on stage added that the Nets have to make sure there’s no calcium deposits, which form inside the soft tissue.

“In some cases, calcium deposits can form inside soft tissue like a thigh muscle which is called myositis ossificans. This can happen after a deep muscle contusion or repeated muscular trauma to the same spot. The calcium deposits can then cause pain and affect the range of motion,” said Dr. Chan.

Kevn Durant missed last season with the Nets after suffering an Achilles injury in the 2019 NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors.

Durant is averaging 27.3 points this season.

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Written by Landon Buford

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