Kerri Medders And The High School Nation Tour Rolls Into Dallas

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Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Kerri Medders is currently performing in Dallas on the High School Nation Tour. The High School Nation Tour is a musical festival that allows kids of all ages to come out and interact with other individuals within the surrounding cities in the Dallas metroplex and throughout the nation. The tour presents the opportunity to visit schools, interact with the students and help fund music programs that might have been removed due to national budget cuts.

The platform also aids by donating equipment and sponsorship proceeds for kids to express themselves through music, allowing gifted individuals an avenue to pursue a career in the music industry (if that is the path they decided to take).

RESPECT. recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kerri Medders about how she became involved with the tour, and what fans in Dallas can expect from her upcoming performance. She also discusses her two new projects, CBS’s Seal Team and Alexa & Kate on Netflix.

RESPECT: What inspired you to make your latest EP Lot 17?

Lot 17 was inspired by some of the ideas that were formulated in my mind. There were a lot of things that I felt in my 17th year that I wanted to capture. So, that is what Lot 17 is about, these different moments and I imagine this story locker with Lot 17 printed on it. So, if someone opens it up and the song list is there and it was memories of nostalgia from the 17th year.

RESPECT: Your EP consists of five singles. Can you tell us which single is your favorite and why?

It is a tie between “Slipping” and “Cry, Cry.” “Slipping” was about individuals trying to influence me to act a certain way to succeed in the entertainment industry. It was kind of influencing me to forget who I am as a person. During the creative process of “Slipping,” I wanted to tell my story about a time in my life where I did not know who I was as an individual.

RESPECT: You are currently in Dallas on the High School Nation Tour. Can you tell us what fans can expect from your upcoming performance?

I always say this, it is all about being in the moment and constantly connecting with the audience because I think music is what connects us all. So, to be able to connect with fans out in the audience and make them feel what I’m feeling and translating that is amazing.  When I see their reaction to what I’m doing on stage, it influences my behavior throughout the show.  Every show is different I have the same concepts with the song lineup from Lot 17 and how they make me feel. However, there is an extra nudge depending on the vibe of the crowd.

RESPECT: How did you become involved with the High School Nation Tour?

I submitted my music to a platform for artists. Artists can submit and upload their music for review. There are numerous festivals and I decided to submit my music to High School Nation. They liked the music and asked would I like to be a part of their lineup.

RESPECT: Can you tell us about your newest project on CBS?

Seal Team is featured on CBS and it is about Navy Seals. The television program showcases how they interact during active duty and how they relate to their families as civilians. I play David Boreanaz’ daughter on the show, Emma Hayes.

RESPECT: You will also be featured on a Netflix Comedy Series called Alexa & Katie. Can you discuss that project and when can we expect it to be on the streaming platform?

Alexa & Katie should be out on Netflix in early 2018. Alexa & Kate is about a girl named Alexa. She is entering high school but finds out that she has cancer. Katie is the supportive best friend and I play Alexa’s nemesis, Gwenny Thompson.  Alexa and Gwenny have had a feud since they were in kindergarten. So, when she arrives at school, my character is always there somewhere and is the conflict of the show.

RESPECT: Finally, what are some of the hobbies that you enjoy during your downtime? 

I love to take pictures and I enjoy capturing memories with my Instax camera. It is beautiful, I have this theory that phones will not be around and where is our generation without them. So, I always make sure to have my camera to capture those precious moments. It is kind of nostalgic and I like collecting vinyl records.

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