Joe Budden: Drake’s Biggest Fan and Harshest Critic

Joe Budden, the American rapper turned media personality, has been known for his candid and unfiltered opinions when it comes to discussing music, especially when it involves his favorite artist, Drake. Recently, on the Saturday episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, he expressed his genuine concerns and excitement about Drake’s upcoming album, “For All The Dogs,” based on a recent freestyle featuring the Toronto superstar and UK rapper Central Cee.

During the podcast, the conversation shifted towards Travis Scott’s latest album, “Utopia,” which led them to discuss the “On The Radar” freestyle where Drake and Central Cee collaborated. Joe Budden was taken aback by Central Cee’s delivery and the overall vibe of the freestyle, admitting that it had him “scared sh*tless” about what to expect from Drake’s next project.

Budden praised Central Cee’s talent and style but made it clear that he wanted to hear a different side of Drake on his upcoming album. He expressed his preference for the version of Drake showcased in the freestyle rather than the one presented on his previous dance album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” which was released in June 2022. Budden specifically mentioned that he didn’t want to hear Drake rapping in a “Calypso” style, urging the artist to bring the same energy and intensity showcased in the freestyle.

The discussion then veered towards Drake’s verse on “Meltdown,” a track from Travis Scott’s “Utopia” album. Budden pondered on the significance of Drake wearing Pharrell’s jewelry, considering his past feud with Pusha T, another prominent rapper in the industry. He questioned whether the gesture was a statement directed towards Pusha T, with whom Drake had a high-profile beef.

Despite these thoughts, Joe Budden’s admiration for Drake’s talent and artistry remains evident. He referred to Drake’s verse on “Meltdown” as a “championship parade,” acknowledging the massive impact it had on social media and the public.

Drake first announced “For All The Dogs” while promoting his debut poetry book, “Titles Ruin Everything, A Stream Of Consciousness,” back in June. The album’s title was revealed through a QR code in newspaper ads, creating a buzz among fans eagerly waiting for new music from the Canadian superstar. Drake’s teasing remarks during his “It’s All A Blur Tour” further fueled excitement about the album’s release, with fans eagerly anticipating its arrival.

As one of the most influential figures in the hip-hop and rap industry, Drake has amassed a massive global fanbase, and Joe Budden is undoubtedly one of his most ardent followers. However, Budden’s ability to offer constructive criticism while remaining a devoted fan has earned him respect within the music community.

The relationship between Joe Budden and Drake can be seen as a testament to the passion and intensity that music fans feel towards their favorite artists. Fans, just like Budden, want to see their idols grow and evolve while maintaining the essence of what makes them unique.

As the release of “For All The Dogs” approaches, the excitement and anticipation among fans, including Joe Budden, continue to build. Regardless of the album’s final content, one thing is sure – the music world will eagerly await the arrival of Drake’s latest masterpiece, and Joe Budden will be ready to offer praise and critique.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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