Joe August’s ‘LET A GOOD THING GO’ EP: a Six Track Masterpiece of Musical Catharsis.

Joe August has gifted the world a soul-stirring treasure with his latest EP, “LET A GOOD THING GO.” Comprising six tracks spanning 17 minutes and 20 seconds, this musical journey is an exploration of the age-old dilemma: the conflict between wants and needs. In these beautifully crafted songs, August invites us to ponder the choices we make in life, a challenge that resonates with everyone.

The EP begins with the title track, “MODEL CITIZEN,” where Joe explains a dual existence, a complex life that only few ever knew. The EP has several expert transitions, especially in the beginning of this first song. Joe’s voice calmly outshines the expectation of the ear. The lyrics that stand out: Even in the pouring rain i find time to wash myself clean gives the listener’s mind something to think upon.

Each track in this EP is a masterpiece in its own right. “Run For Your Life” and “ROOSEVELT” exude a sense of urgency and desire, while “peace of me” pulls at the heartstrings. “LET A GOOD THING GO” isn’t just a body of work; it’s an invitation and a challenge. Joe continues to find a way to blend evocative storytelling and captivating instrumentals.

In the age of digital music, Spotify and social media promotion are key, and Joe August shines here as well. His music finds its home on your favorite streaming platform, and his engaging presence on social media ensures you won’t miss a beat.




Moreover, “LET A GOOD THING GO” serves as a therapeutic journey through sound, potentially unlocking deep emotions and inspiring introspection. It’s a musical masterpiece that will remain with you long after the last note fades away.

In “LET A GOOD THING GO,” Joe August has created a captivating, introspective, and enchanting musical experience. Don’t let this good thing go; it’s a must-listen for anyone searching for soul-stirring music.

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