Jason Lee Sounds-Off On Hot 97 & WWE Personality, Peter Rosenberg, “You’re Not Black…I’m The Floyd Mayweather Of The Internet”

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Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee recently was a guest on Drink Champs, and before his appearance, just like every guest, NORE Reaches out via Twitter to get questions to his guests. Unfortunately, when you reached out requesting questions to ask Lee, Hot 97 possibly, and WWE personality, Peter Rosenberg mentioned something about Lee, which was pretty hard to find.

It turns out the two have beef, and Lee addressed it during his interview with DJ FEN and NORE.

“He’s not important. So, here’s the deal, right? You Google me, you see my interview with Ye 3 billion impressions. You see me, maybe hanging out with Rihanna; she’s a GOD. All the people that I associate with are relevant. Peter Rosenberg is a privileged a** white boy who grew up in the suburbs. He got a job talking about hip hop and became some guru that knows hip hop songs. You’re not f****ing black. And you know the problem that I have with Peter Rosenberg before we get into all the detail because I got all the tea. I just didn’t pull all the screenshots because I didn’t know where you were going to go today,” said Lee.

“You know what’s so crazy, I looked this n*** in his face and told him, he is full of s***. Why are you playing around on my playground on the internet? The internet is my playground. I can make him my b*** boy because the problem now that he has a problem with me, now all the little s*** that he ever did is going to come out. Why get into a fight with me? I’m the Floyd Mayweather of the internet, but see what happened was he chose one day to wake up in his tired a** bed, with his tired a** life, and his stupid a** dog, on his way to his tired a** job. Hot 97 ain’t been hot since 97. I be minding my business and here this n*** is all on social media like a b***.”

He later revealed how it all got started.

“He’s a privileged white boy. I’m sure he has been to a lot of schools, he’s an alumnus of a lot of things, but he’s not an alumnus of Hollywood Unlocked. But he’s got an open invitation. So, I don’t do interviews because I’m like, I want to go where the culture lives. So, I look at where I am going in my career. [Drink Champ] is important because I know how important you are to the culture. So, I’m like Breakfast club and here. Ebro show is one of the worst shows that I have ever done. It was tired and late; they were trying to gaslight me into being provocative. You don’t have to do that. I can give provocative just by opening my eyes and my heart,” Lee said.

“The other day I did FAQ Podcast and I had fun with it. They posted a clip and he [Peter Rosenburg] and why are you interviewing this clown and giving him a platform he doesn’t deserve it. He said, by the way, I respect you both and had for a long time. I’m just watching as we prop yet another person who only cares about dirt gossip and bull s***. This has zero qualms about lying. He’s done it to be a couple of times already don’t know why you put him on there, s*** corny. And I said ha-ha don’t be mad because I don’t kiss your a**. You are a company man and I’m self-made there’s a difference. Ps here you are commenting like a fan. Don’t you have a 9-5 to go to? “

According to Lee, that is where it started. However, before this back and forth on Twitter, nothing had transpired between the two individuals, but Lee sat back and thought about it for a second. Then shared it spun off his run-in with Karen Civil last year, and he didn’t like how they recapped the story without doing their research Lee told NORE and DJ EFN. Per Jason Lee, Rosenburg waited to take his shot at him.

You can watch the ten-minute clip of Jason Lee explaining the whole thing below.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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