HJ Soul Reveals Phenomenal New Single “Get What I Want”

Known for his soulful sound and thought-provoking lyrics, HJ Soul has captivated audiences worldwide, and the R&B/soul singer-songwriter is back with his electrifying new single, “Get What I Want”. With the release of his latest track, the UK artist takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the late ‘90s and early ‘00s garage era, all while delivering a profound message of overcoming life’s challenges with faith and courage.

HJ Soul began his career by enchanting listeners with his moving renditions of popular soul songs from the past few decades. His talent quickly garnered attention, and he soon ventured into songwriting, allowing him to share his personal journey and explore spiritual themes. The release of his 2022 EP, Soul Desires, introduced a fresh contemporary R&B sound to his repertoire, gaining significant momentum among listeners. One track in particular, “Fantasy”, struck a chord with fans, further establishing HJ Soul as a rising star in the industry.

Last year, HJ Soul also released an album, All in the Mind, which delved into the concepts of the mind and spirituality. He explored this theme further on the powerful 2023 single “Can’t Take This Anymore”, aimed at raising awareness for mental health – a topic of utmost importance in today’s world.

Now, HJ Soul makes a remarkable return with “Get What I Want”, a track that fuses his soulful vocals with the infectious energy of UK garage music. However, “Get What I Want” goes beyond being just a UK garage/dance song; it delves deep into the trials and tribulations of life, emphasising the importance of faith, courage and self-awareness in overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s aspirations. HJ Soul believes that with these attributes and the support of the people around us, anything is possible.

Speaking about his new single, HJ Soul shares, “The lyrics talk about the difficulties and challenges of life and how faith and courage has been needed to surpass obstacles and hurdles. It talks about the possibilities we can achieve with our abilities and that faith is all it takes and self-awareness, and people around you can help you get there as well.” “Get What I Want” arrives alongside a remastered version, and both are available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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