Halon, Jahju16, Lorentz, and Ghostface Killah Collaborate on the Remix of “Music To Get Rich Too”

Swedish artist Halon, also known as Elvira Lindell, has teamed up with legendary Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah to remix her hit song “Music To Get Rich Too.” The original single has already received praise in Sweden, with features on national TV and in Aftonbladet, the country’s largest newspaper.

The remix takes the song to a new level, infusing it with a primordial power that only Ghostface Killah could bring. Halon’s labelmates, rising star Jahju16, and pop sensation Lorentz, also contribute high-energy verses to the track, resulting in a high-octane mix that will get listeners moving.

With its blend of neo-soul, alternative/indie, and R&B, “Music To Get Rich To” is a testament to the power of collaboration across genres and borders. The remix is a must-listen for fans of Swedish music, as well as anyone looking for a sinfully fun and energetic track to get them moving.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM Halon, Jahju16, Lorentz, & Ghostface Killah’s “Music To Get Rich To Remix” on Spotify. 

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