Guns N’ Roses Bank Payment Leaks

There are lots of stories out there about what the Guns N’ Roses prime era was like. If you were to ask one hundred different people, you would most likely get one hundred different answers. There have been tons of opinions on the band from people within the band, to fans, to others who have worked directly with them. One former manager is now speaking out.

In a new interview, famed band manager Alan Niven has spoken out about his time working with Guns N’ Roses at the height of their success – stating that it was Izzy Stradlin who was most responsible for the band’s commercial success.

When speaking with VWMusic on Thursday, the manager spoke candidly about his time working with Guns N’ Roses, stating how the members’ arrogance and inability to take direction left him convinced that himself and the band would “never see a god*amn penny” from Appetite For Destruction.

He would state: “I had just become a parent; the album put us $365,000 in debt to Geffen. Now would come the costs of video and touring on top of that. I figured I’d never see a god*amn penny. I acquired insomnia at this point in my life. It was no longer fun. It was stress, worry, and pressure from there out. I wondered if I had made the biggest mistake of my career.”

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