GuapRico releases a new track titled “2Henny.”

GuapRico’s “2Henny” is a smooth, melodic track that combines mellow instrumentation with GuapRico’s catchy flow and lyrics about love and drinking. The second single of his upcoming project, “Rico’s Tape,” “2Henny,” showcases GuapRico’s ability to blend different elements of music seamlessly, creating a unique sound that sets him apart from other artists in the game.

The track’s title, “2Henny”, refers to the famous cognac Hennessy, which GuapRico mentions throughout the song. However, the music is not just about drinking, as GuapRico uses Hennessy as a metaphor for being intoxicated by love.

GuapRico’s signature style of mixing R&B and hip-hop influences is on full display in “2Henny”, as he delivers smooth and heartfelt vocals over a laid-back beat. The track is a perfect example of GuapRico’s ability to create music that is both chill and emotional, making it an ideal addition to any late-night playlist.

Overall, “2Henny” is an excellent single for GuapRico’s upcoming project. With its chill vibes and catchy lyrics, the track will surely be a hit with fans of R&B and hip-hop alike.

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