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Grammy-Nominated Singer Bobbi Storm’s In-Flight Serenade Causes Stir on Delta Airlines

In a surprising turn of events, Grammy-nominated singer Bobbi Storm found herself at the center of controversy during a Delta Air Lines flight, where her attempts to sing her newly released song led to a heated exchange with a Delta crew member.

Taking to Instagram, Storm shared a video capturing the altercation, in which she walked up the aisle only to be instructed to return to her seat. Seated, she excitedly shared news of her two Grammy nominations and her latest single, “We Can’t Forget Him,” a track from Maverick City Music’s Grammy-nominated album, “The Maverick Way Complete.”

Identifying herself as a singer for the Christian group, Storm declared, “I sing for the Lord.” However, her impromptu performance was met with disapproval from a Delta crew member who repeatedly asked her to “be quiet” during the flight. The tension escalated as the employee warned Storm that failure to comply could result in her removal from the flight.

Undeterred, Storm expressed her commitment to following divine guidance, leading to a back-and-forth with the crew member. While initially appearing to concede, Storm continued her singing “on the low” when the crew member walked away.

In a subsequent video, Storm confirmed that Delta had reached out to her, emphasizing that her intent was not to see the employee reprimanded. Instead, she called for mutual respect among passengers and staff, urging people to consider how they treat each other.

Delta responded to the incident, emphasizing the importance of following crew instructions for the safety of customers and staff. The airline refrained from providing further details on the matter.

However, reactions to Storm’s in-flight serenade were mixed, with many criticizing her for being “out of order.” Commenters argued that the Delta employee was simply “doing his job” and that fellow passengers might not appreciate impromptu performances during their flights.

This incident adds to the list of unruly passenger behavior in 2023, a year marked by several individuals being removed from flights for inappropriate conduct. From unscheduled landings due to unruly behavior to unexpected diversions, airlines continue to grapple with challenges posed by disruptive passengers.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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