Golden State Warriors Remix The 2015 Championship Ring & Add Trapdoor & Yellow Diamonds

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Tonight is ring night for the Golden State Warriors as they play host to LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers. The 2022 ring is the same ring as 2015, according to Bally Sports’ Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, but there is a twist.

“If you remember the 2015 ring, it had a certain look; the Warriors have remixed it quite a bit in this sense. Have you never had a championship ring with yellow diamonds in sports history, guess what? They did it. Designed by Beverly Hills-based Jason Arasheben, the Warriors’ Championship ring features Yellow Diamonds and a bunch of other things,” said Robinson.

“If you remember last year, the Milwaukee Bucks introduced a twist top system where there is video of their championship campaign, well the Warriors had a twist of that. If you at the ring it still has the twist top, but it has a trapdoor and you untwist the trapdoor you find how many championship the guys on the Warriors have one[For] Steph Curry there’s four Larry O’Brien Championship Trophies in that trapdoor, there’s four for Andre Iguodala, There’s four for Draymond Green, [Four for Klay Thompson,] One for Jordan Poole, and one for Jonathan Kuminga. This is new, never been done revolutionary.”

Robinson added, “The Golden State Warriors pick this design because they believe they are now in a sort of an accomplishment or nostalgia golden era of their franchise. So, [the] Golden State Warriors Golden era, Jason Arasheben tells me they wanted to have a level of continuality because building a dynasty like last year was not easy.”

“You had Klay Thompson coming back from injury; you had Draymond Green struggling at times during the finals, then finding his groove. The hope from the Warriors, I’m told, is that this ring ceremony will bring a level of cohesiveness and continuality within their organization after a lot of things that were said in the media over the last couple of weeks. Too sweet are the two words that have been shared with me. The too sweetest championships in Warriors history was in 2015, when they weren’t expected to win against the Cleveland Cavaliers and 2022, when they weren’t expected to beat the Boston Celtics, and they did it,” Robinson said.

The Golden State Warriors are looking to repeat this year again for the first time since the 2017 and 2018 season. Over the weekend Klay Thompson shared that this Warriors team, has a unique mix of talent heading into the 2022-23 season.

“It’s gotta be the most unique mix of young talent with old veterans we’ve probably ever seen,” said Thompson via Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

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Written by Landon Buford

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