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Florida Man Catches The Fade At A Publix Supermarket For Using Explicit Language & Handbasket [Watch]

On Friday May 5, 2023 at a Florida Publix, a man and his dog entered the store, seemingly going about their business. However, things quickly turned sour when the man began badgering and using explicit language [The N-Word] towards another customer, causing a heated exchange. The customer warned the man that if he didn’t get out of his face and if he didn’t stop using the offensive language, he would knock him out. The man with his dog seemingly didn’t take this warning seriously and proceeded to hit the customer with a store handbasket. The man then proceeds to whoop the dude with the dog and handbasket’s a** in front of witnesses with one in the background saying “don’t break it up call the police.”

The dog, meanwhile, stood idly by and watched the events unfold. It’s unclear if the dog was trained for this kind of behavior or if it was simply a bystander caught up in the commotion. Regardless, the man’s actions clearly escalated the situation beyond what was necessary. His lack of regard for the safety of those around him resulted in a violent altercation that could have been avoided. It’s a reminder that even the most mundane places can turn dangerous when tempers flare, and that everyone needs to be mindful of their actions and how they affect those around them.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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