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Elon Musk Breaks Twitter Space With 100k Listeners & What Made Him Buy Twitter

Elon Musk jumped on Twitter Spaces to answer questions on several topics like shadow banning, WeChat, and Twitter havering more functions that it doesn’t at this time. He also talked about challenges, such as advertising not working with companies when a group is not using a product.

This week Musk elected to pick a fight with Apple, which was on track to spend more than $180 million on Twitter ads this year, according to the New York Times.

During the spaces, Musk shared that Apple is Twitter’s advertiser and publicly thank them for resuming their advertising deal.

He is focused on trying to get Twitter healthy at this time. Twitter’s debt is $12 million, with a high-interest rate.

Musk discussed during his time at Twitter that he had done more in the past month based on removing child exploitation versus the last ten years.

Why did he want to buy Twitter, “Well, if I had been able to buy Twitter sooner, then I might have done that? But it had to be a situation where my liquidity was enough, and Twitter’s value was a closing price. That was recently the case, but it has been built for some time, said Musk.

“So, I wasn’t like a step change suddenly; it was more of the group think amongst the media and more of toeing the line amongst digital social media companies. We are traveling the path of suppression of freedom of speech.

He also spoke on bringing more ways to monetize using journalism, audio, and video.

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