DJ Khaled Gives Jay-Z His Flowers “Keep Inspiring Us”

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DJ Khaled was on Twitter Spaces on Thursday evening to discuss his new album “GOD DID.” The Space was hosted by DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, Lenny S and Rob Markman.

During the Chat Khaled to sometime to thank Jay-Z for his collaboration on the record GOD DID, and to continue to inspire us.

“When the God [Jay-Z] is on, you listen. Don’t interrupt you; let everything come clear and clarity. When the God is on, you listen, and that’s what I was doing. My, I appreciate you, man; there are no words that you know what I’m saying all I’m going to every time I see you when I’m not around you. You are my idol, my brother, my friend, and I appreciate what you did for us on this record,” said Khaled.

“And what you have been doing for us. We are all screaming HOV Did because HOV did for real, and it is important that people know that because you fight for us all the time, we love that, and we appreciate that. Keep inspiring us; you know what I’m saying?”

HOV added, “Yes, sir.”

Markman also asked HOV was there a favorite on the album that blew him away?

“Definitely, I don’t know if Khaled told that story, but he played me the Drake “No Secret,” and man, that has an opening that sets the right tone and vibe, and then that “Big Time” joint,” said Jay-Z

“The pockets that Lil Baby was catching on like caught. I don’t even know how many pockets, but he kept switching. Obviously, I mess with that Durk record; 21 Savage is amazing. That Kiss record is so hard. Khaled had a whole vibe. He may want to revisit that later remix.”

In a recent interview with Rob Markman of Genius and Frazier Thorpe of GQ, a longtime engineer and confidante of Jay, Young Guru, he told about the session that turned into this time widely debated in pop culture.

“People think I’m still not amazed when he walk in and do these verses. And this one was different because normally, we’ll sit down, we’ll do a song, three verses, two verses or whatever, and he’ll have a verse and then we’ll figure out what’s next,” he explained, before recalling Jay deliver the entire verse in one take. “No, he walked in and this was completely, he’s spitting the verse to me. One take. He’s literally asking me, ‘Guru, put the beat on.’ I’m like, ‘Khaled didn’t send me the beat, you didn’t send me the beat. Send me the beat.’ So then he sends me the joint and I started trying to loop it, and he was just like, ‘No, no, no, hit Khaled and get the whole instrumental,’ so he could spit the whole verse.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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