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Sheldon Bailey Reflects on Being a Part of Devin Booker’s Historic Nike Commercial

Sheldon Bailey, known for his enduring presence in basketball commercials since 2005, recently shared his excitement about being a part of Devin Booker’s first shoe commercial with Nike. In an exclusive conversation, Bailey expressed his admiration for the NBA star and the unique experience of witnessing Booker’s skills on and off the court.

“I was excited to work with D Book because I have not worked with him before, and he is one of my favorite basketball players,” Bailey revealed. The actor and basketball enthusiast emphasized that beyond being a phenomenal player, Devin Booker impressed him with his down-to-earth demeanor and professionalism.

Getting an exclusive look at the Book 1, Booker’s first signature shoe with Nike, added another layer to Bailey’s enthusiasm. “I rock with the shoe; I like how it’s like a lifestyle type shoe with great function,” he shared. The actor appreciated the versatility of the shoe, designed not just for the basketball court but as a lifestyle statement with excellent functionality.

Discussing Booker’s prowess on the court, Bailey couldn’t help but praise the player’s shooting skills. “The dude can shoot the leather off the ball. He had a different type of swish,” Bailey exclaimed. Describing Booker’s unique shooting style, he likened it to “abusing the net whenever he shoots.”

Bailey marveled at Booker’s physical attributes, noting, “Because he’s like 6’6, which is crazy. Devin Booker might be 6’7, D Book is taller than me, which is kind of crazy.” Reflecting on Booker’s position on the court, Bailey highlighted the player’s elevation and high-arching shot, creating an uncommon splash every time he releases the ball.

The Nike commercial, featuring Bailey alongside four others attempting to contest Booker’s jumper, provided a captivating visual spectacle. “It was basically five of us trying to contest his jumper and still wet the shot up, and the whole concept was check, check, check, and check in a different environment,” Bailey shared.

The experience held special significance for Bailey, considering his long history in basketball commercials. “It was cool because I’m getting that Nike check after all these years. I have been doing basketball commercials since 2005, and I’m still [here]. None of the other guys are around anymore, so I’m really appreciative for the longevity,” he expressed.

Bailey also shed light on Devin Booker’s passion for the making of the shoe. “The thing about D Book, he was actually really passionate about his involvement in the making of the shoe and wanting people to love it. He also wanted them to be able to wear it on and off the court. So, he was really taking pride in his shoe, which is his first signature shoe, and I think it is really well deserving.”

In conclusion, Sheldon Bailey’s insights offer a glimpse into the excitement, professionalism, and passion surrounding Devin Booker’s journey into the world of signature basketball shoes, making it a momentous occasion not only for the NBA star but also for those involved in bringing the commercial to life.

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Written by Landon Buford

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