Devin Booker Reflects on Mentorship with Jamal Crawford and a Summer Trip to Seattle

In the world of professional basketball, mentorship often plays a crucial role in shaping the careers of young players. For Devin Booker, the Phoenix Suns’ star guard, his journey in the NBA has been significantly influenced by the guidance and wisdom of veteran player Jamal Crawford. In a recent conversation, Booker shared insights into his relationship with Crawford and the memorable experience of spending a summer in Seattle.

Devin Booker fondly remembers the impact Jamal Crawford had on his career. In a statement reflecting their close bond, Booker acknowledged Crawford as one of his mentors who played a pivotal role in changing the trajectory of his basketball journey. “He was one of my vets who came through and changed the route of my career,” Booker explained.

Booker expressed a deep admiration for Crawford’s passion for the game, emphasizing that he rarely uses the title “true Hooper.” However, Crawford earned this distinction in Booker’s eyes due to his unwavering dedication to basketball. “He’s a hoops junky, eats, sleeps, s*** hoops,” Booker chuckled, highlighting Crawford’s genuine love for the sport.

This past summer, Devin Booker embarked on a trip to Seattle, a city that holds special significance for both him and Jamal Crawford. The connection between the two extends beyond the basketball court, transcending into a friendship that values shared experiences and personal growth.

Booker spoke about the joy of spending time in the gym with Crawford during their Seattle sojourn. Recalling the early days when Crawford played for the Phoenix Suns, Booker reminisced about Crawford’s son, JJ, who was just a baby at the time. Now, witnessing JJ grow and emulate his father’s moves on the court brought a sense of nostalgia and fulfillment to the entire experience.

Booker recognized that with the arrival of Crawford’s son, JJ, family has become the veteran’s main priority. Crawford, who has had an illustrious career spanning several NBA teams, is now passing on his love for the game to the next generation. This evolution in Crawford’s life has only deepened the connection between the two players, as Booker witnesses firsthand the continuation of a basketball legacy.

Devin Booker’s journey in the NBA has been profoundly shaped by the mentorship of Jamal Crawford. Their friendship extends beyond the confines of the basketball court, with shared trips and experiences strengthening their bond. As Crawford transitions into a new chapter of his life, focusing on family and passing on his basketball wisdom to his son, JJ, Booker remains grateful for the influence and guidance of his veteran mentor. The story of Booker and Crawford serves as a testament to the enduring impact of mentorship in the world of professional sports.

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Written by Landon Buford

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