Deen the Great Reacts To Adult Performer & Fight Fan Kendra Lust Stating He Should Grant Walid Sharks A Rematch


Deen the Great didn’t look so good after being dropped two times in the second round. But the third round took place, and Deen ensured he lived up to his name.

Deen the Grand timed and unloaded on a straight electric hand that dropped Walid Sharks with a thud en route to a spectacular third-round TKO in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, and live on DAZN, at MF & DAZN’s main event: X Series 003.

The rally win came after Walid Sharks dropped Deen in the opening lap, though the referee called it a slip. Sharks would leave no doubt in round two as he scored his first knockdown with a left hook whip. Feeling that he had Deen in a bind, Sharks dropped him again, making him with a compact right hand for a 10-7 round.

A left hook early spelled as the end might be close for Deen the Great until he perfectly timed a right hand on top, banging on the head of Sharks.

After the fight adult performer and fight fan Kendra Lust Post a screenshot an account on IG asking who’s next Deen The Great. Lust responded that it he should grant Sharks a rematch, and Great replied, Kendra Lust lmao [Laugh my a*** off] who are you even?

Speaking of Deen the Great, he recently called out Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Hey Floyd, we can run it too bro,” Deen told Mirror Fighting. “I just need to get my followers up because Floyd ain’t going to f*** with nobody who isn’t famous. It was cool [Deji’s bout with Mayweather], but if it were me I would have went into that motherf***er swinging.

“I’d be going in for the kill because fighting someone like Floyd it’s a win-win. You get knocked out it’s a win, and if you can somehow beat him that’s a win! It is what it is, man, hell no he wouldn’t have disrespected me like he did Deji!”

He added, “I don’t know, he had the balls in his mouth. Mams [Taylor, Misfits Boxing promoter] brought the fight up and I accepted it. Then when the contract came he said seven weeks was not enough time. This is after him hyping the fight up saying I was scared! Aren’t you an active boxer? I’m a street boxer.”

Written by Byron Nelson

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