Could Highly Questionable And Jalen & Jacoby Be Canceled?


The Worldwide Network, known as ESPN, has been doing many programs shakeup over the past couple of years, with the most recent one being First Take.

Last week, Andrew Marchand of the NY Post reported that Max Kellerman was expected to be removed from First Take. Still, it would not be the end of Kellerman at the network as he is likely headed for the network’s morning national radio show to team up with Keyshawn Johnson, according to sources. In this scenario, Kellerman would take Zubin Mehenti’s place.

He also reported that Kellerman is likely to have an afternoon show on the network, most likely in the 2 pm eastern time slot, which is now occupied by Jalen & Jacoby” and “Highly Questionable” from two to two-three pm. Both those programs could be moving to ESPN 2 to make room.

However, I was recently told by a source that there is a possibility that both Jalen & Jacoby” and “Highly Questionable” could be canceled altogether, and the remaining talent would be shuffled around the remaining programs on the network.

Now, back to Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman. On Tuesday evening, Marchand reported that Stephen A Smith had Kellerman removed First Take, but it wasn’t personal.

“Though it wasn’t personal, according to sources, Kellerman has a “smartest guy in the room” attitude, and Smith wanted more of a debating challenger. And ultimately, he wanted it to be him versus the world.”

Smith was recently on the”Morning Hustle” podcast addressed these rumors. In the tweet above, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Bally Sports got a snippet of the conversation. Where Smith shared that many of the reports that were out were inaccurate.

“Those reports of me disliking Max are an absolute lie. I actually got a lot of love for the guy. “If he stays on the show, so be it. If he departs, it will be because they have other things they want him to do.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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