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Chicago PD & Other Shows Need To Depict The Culture [BLM & Police Reform] Says Nicki Micheaux

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 13: Nicki Micheaux attends TheWrap and WanderLuxxe Host an Evening Honoring Women and Inclusion at Norah on February 13, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

The eighth season of Chicago PD will air on NBC in approximately two weeks on November 11th.

The recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and Atatiana Jefferson have been on the minds of many of the show’s fans. They have requested programs such as Chicago PD, FBI, and Law & Order SUV acknowledge the Black Lives Matter Movement and Police Reform.

Those fans are not alone. Actress Nicki Micheaux, who played Alicia Price the wife of Alderman Ray Price in two episodes of the Chicago PD series last season, would like to also address more of these issues.

Micheaux is known for her roles on shows such as NCIS, Animal Kingdom, The Mentalist, The Shield, and Lincoln Heights.

Nicki Micheaux said “read the paper and tell these stories honestly. First of all, you have to depict the culture, what type of culture allows this type of violence to go unchecked. Because what we have are these officers, particularly in the George Floyd case. You had one officer, who had a history of complaints and the way he killed George Floyd. “He knew that he was good. He wasn’t worried about being photographed, being on camera if that guy died. He sat there with a certain calmness about it and when you can get that off you are living in a culture that accepts that type of violence. Where a [specific] segment of the population does not matter, where Black Lives have been dehumanized, so, I think we should tell those stories.”

Micheaux said she could not speak on all cop shows and anything she said was only her own opinion.

“But, one of the things that was interesting about The Shield, which I did back in the day. It was about a bad cop and a bad group of cops. It was F’up, and it was about trying to bring them down. It was specifically dealing with corruption in the police department, and I think it is the same thing here. We cannot be afraid to pull back and tell these ugly stories,” Micheaux shared.

The character Sergent Hank Voight [played by Jason Beghe] is one of the stubborn and strong headed characters in the Law & Order series. Voight plays the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit, and although his unit respects him and follows his orders, he has been known to use dirty cop tactics, and is not afraid of hurting people to get the information that he is looking for to solve cases.

Voight has been shown to cover up crimes that have involved drug dealers, and has even committed murder himself all in the name of bringing criminals to justice.

In a recent interview FBI: Most Wanted‘s Julian McMahon, Beghe talked about tackling both Black Lives Matter Movement and Police Reform.

“Feel the sense of responsibility to kind of address these issues” — something that is both “fun and challenging” as an actor,” said Beghe.

“Thankfully we have good writers and good advisers. I’m really proud of our first scripts,” he continued. “I hope they’re not only entertaining, but maybe — without being grandiose — maybe be useful. [We’re] trying to bring about some understanding between these disparate groups that tend to be at odds right now. It’s tricky.”

Last season’s finale featured Officer Kevin Atwater [LaRoyce Hawkins] take a stand against a white police officer by the name of Tom Doyle [Mickey O’Sullivan] who was racially profiling a young Black man on the corner as a drug dealer, but it turned out the only thing in his duffle bag was a pair of Air Jordan. Doyle was the same cop that profiled Atwater and an associate that he was investigating in season six.

“It’s a perfect segue. We’re continuing from there and kind of drawing out the bigger things. As we pick up, it’s post-George Floyd,” Beghe said. “My character is a real old school, ‘I know what I’m supposed to do, but I do what I have to do,’ kind of guy. He breaks the rule and that stuff ain’t flying anymore.”

Chicago PD returns on Wednesday, November 11 on NBC at 10 PM EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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