Cale Hawkins’ “Blame It on Each Other”: A Neo-Soul Gem

Cale Hawkins’ latest single, “Blame It on Each Other,” is a burst of soulful energy that captures the tumultuous nature of relationships gone wrong. The Brooklyn-based artist’s neo-soul sound is experimental and infectious, with nods to funk, alternative, and R&B genres. Hawkins’ music is a testament to his creative process, where he produces, engineers, and plays most of the instruments in his songs.

“Blame It on Each Other” is the first single from his upcoming album “I Broke My Shoulders,” set to release in June 2023. With hints of Jai Paul and Prince, the song showcases Hawkins’ mastery of blending diverse influences to create a unique sound. The lyrics and melody capture the intense emotions that come with the end of a relationship, while the upbeat tempo keeps the listener hooked.

Cale Hawkins is a rising star in the New York music scene, and “Blame It on Each Other” is a testament to his talent as a songwriter, producer, and musician.

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