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Busta Rhymes Reveals What Inspires Him As A Creator

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Busta Rhymes has partnered with an NFT company called HUSL and will be dropping his first NFT collection called Dungeon Dragon on September 30th.

Dragon Dungeon has a special place in the life and personal significance of Busta. Busta Rhymes gained popularity while the East Flatbush Dungeon Dragon broke away from his group of 16 bars.

This name brought great success to Busta and helped her develop as an artist to become the touching legend that he is today.

“It is an honor to launch Busta’s first NFT collection, especially one that relates to an image that has such deep meaning to him,” said The HUSL Founder and CEO Varun Bajaj.

On Wednesday evening Busta Rhymes was on Twitter Spaces talking about his NFT Collection that will be dropping tomorrow.

During their conversation, Bajaj asked Busta what inspires him as a creator.

“The moment inspires me. Other great creatives inspire me, and I’m just a passionate person in this art s*** and creation. Being creative has been in my DNA since I was old enough to identify that it was in my blood, heart, and soul. I love to create recreationally. So once I realized once I got older, the s*** I love to do for free was feeding my family; it made it a more pleasurable experience because when I am creative, it doesn’t feel like I’m working. I’m just doing s*** that I love,” said Rhymes.

“Running out of ideas doesn’t happen. There are times when you go into a space where they are not coming into the space you want them to. Still, you learn to allow the creative brilliance that you Identify within yourself, and your ability has to manifest organically. Sometimes you have to let the s*** come when it comes. People experience that term running out of ideas when trying to control the pace of being creative has to happen. You cannot control that s*** all the time. Sometimes you come into the studio and don’t come up with s*** because it has not come to you yet. It is like going fishing.”

He continued: ” Sometimes you go fishing, and you throw the bait on the hook of the fishing rod, and they’re a million fish, but none of them bite the bait. You are sitting out there for hours, and nothing is happening, but eventually, after coming back a few days later, you catch twelve fish in the same day. So, it is pretty much the same philosophy, and you must allow the creative process to happen from an organic place and pace. Sometimes it comes in abundance that supersedes your level of expectations.”

Varun Bajaj also asked Busta Rhymes what was the true meaning behind his Dragon NFT Collection.

“I think that all started when my father used to take me to the movies in East Flatbush Brooklyn. There was always a dope Karate flick there. So, Bruce Lee and s*** Into the Dragon and Return of the Dragon. As a kid, I would like to see him kick everyone ones a**. I am very competitive and when I am on track with another artist the goal is to bust everyone’s a**. Just like when Bruce Lee got into a situation had to bust everyone’s a**, but I always like to compete respectively, unless someone was to be disrespectful then now the dynamics of the competition changes,” Rythmes said.

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Written by Landon Buford

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