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Britney Spears Speaks Out About Las Vegas Incident With Victor Wembanyama: Conflicting Accounts Surface [Look]

Britney Spears is not staying silent following the incident that occurred in Las Vegas on Thursday night. The news broke when TMZ reported that NBA player Victor Wembanyama’s security guard had allegedly slapped her in the face after she attempted to tap him on the shoulder.

The incident took place at Catch restaurant, where Britney was accompanied by her husband Sam Asghari and two others. Asghari swiftly issued a statement condemning the security guard’s actions, and Britney later shared her own account of the incident, describing it as traumatizing and embarrassing.

According to Britney, she decided to approach Wembanyama after spotting him in the hotel lobby and again at a different restaurant, intending to congratulate him on his success. She explained that due to the loud environment, she tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. In response to Wembanyama’s claim that she grabbed him from behind, Britney clarified that she simply tapped his shoulder, denying any physical contact beyond that. She went on to state that Wembanyama’s security guard backhanded her in the face without looking back, causing her glasses to fall off and nearly knocking her down.

Wembanyama, the Spurs’ draft pick for 2023, shared his side of the story with reporters, stating, “I was walking with some security in the restaurant, we were in the hall, and there were a lot of people coming in, and there was this person who was coming to me, and that person grabbed me from behind – not on my shoulder – she grabbed me from behind.” This conflicting account challenges the initial report suggesting that Britney had tapped him.

Following the incident, Britney filed a police report, naming Damian Smith, the Director of Team Security for the Spurs, as the person involved. While TMZ initially reported that Smith had apologized to Britney, she stated that she has not received an apology from “the player, his security, or their organization.” Britney expressed her hope that an apology would be forthcoming.

Expressing gratitude to the Las Vegas Police Department, Britney acknowledged the immense love and support she has been receiving during this time. The incident has sparked conflicting narratives and left many curious about how the situation will unfold in the days to come.

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