Bex & Bright’s “Memo” Shatters Gender Norms in Mainstream Hip Hop

Bex & Bright’s latest release, “Memo,” is a track that challenges traditional gender norms in mainstream rap and hip hop, showcasing female-driven rap leads and lyrics. The duet features Bex & Bright’s laid-back grooves complemented by the rhymes and vocals of emcees Justis Channel and GD Ambidextrous. The inviting guitar riff and luscious beats make “Memo” a perfect blend of hip-hop and psychedelic electro-pop.

The multi-instrumentalist producers collaborated on the lyrics and flipped the usual narrative, with the male artist providing complementary vocal support to the female lead. The track is a testament to Bex & Bright’s commitment to producing innovative, fresh ways with a genuine understanding of how music unites and engages listeners from diverse communities.

Bex & Bright refuse to be typecast, and their dedication to authentic sounds instead of store-bought sample packs is evident in their dynamic and thought-provoking releases. Their chemistry is immediately identifiable, and their collaborations with a stunning array of artists mark out their new and exciting territory in an industry in desperate need of enduring quality.

With “Memo,” Bex & Bright have once again delivered a track that celebrates the joys of music and challenges norms in the mainstream hip-hop industry.

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