Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Sad Sylvester Stallone Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding legend, needs no introduction due to his illustrious career. He has won the Mr. Olympia competition seven times and is a well-known action hero. The amount of accolades that Arnold has is something that is just astounding.

When you think about Arnold, you think about other stars that fit into his category. One being Sylvester Stallone. Sadly, he and Sylvester Stallone had a feud while he was still actively performing. That said, there was a time when Arnold and Sylvester were very close back when Sylvester in 2012 lost his son Sage Stallone due to a heart condition.

Schwarzenegger would share his condolences with the Rocky legend and his family. He said: “My thoughts and prayers are with Sly and his family. Sly has become a great friend over the past couple decades, and I know how important his children are to him. I want him to know that my family and I, and his fans all over the world, support him during this difficult time.”

The death of Stallone’s son completely devastated Sylvester. Sage Stallone was discovered dead at his home with bottles and prescription medication. In addition, after some tests, sedative hydrocodone was found in his system.

A friend of Sage, George Braunstein, revealed the following: “We were just joking about how he was going to get married and have a fun marriage. There was nothing dark or depressing, no problems, certainly no financial problems. I’m going to wait to see what the coroner says. I think it was either natural causes or a terrible accident. I don’t think it had anything to do with drugs, he wasn’t that kind of guy. He wasn’t anyone trying to take his life.”

Not only did Schwarzenegger help Sly, but Sly helped him back as he was going through a divorce. This happened after Arnold and his ex-wife Maria, who got married in April 1986, went through a separation in 2011. This happened when Maria found out about Arnold’s affair with the housekeeper.

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Written by Cesar

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