Apollo Brown -Dalai Lama Slang feat Willie The Kid & Planet Asia



Apollo oversaw this project every bit if he was directing a movie. The vision and concept were ironed out and the soundscape was set and sequenced. Once completed, he knew only 3-4 rappers in the world could give him the sound he desired. Enter Planet Asia who perfectly fits the function.
Anchovies are sordid, nasty topping that is entirely distinct; and that m

Tracklisting & Credits for Apollo Brown & Planet Asia’s ‘Anchovies’:

1.) ‘The Smell’

2.) ‘Panties In A Jumble’

3.) ‘Diamonds’

4.) ‘The Aura’

5.) ‘Dalai Lama Slang’ Feat. Willie The Kid

6.) ‘Tiger Bone’

7.) ‘Duffles’

8.) ‘Avant Garde’

9.) ‘Deep In The Casket’

10.) ‘Fire’ Feat. Tristate

11.) ‘Speak Volumes’

12.) ‘Pain’

13.) ‘Get Back’

14.) ‘Nine Steaming’ Feat. Guilty Simpson

15.) ‘You Love Me’


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Written by Landon Buford

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