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50 Cent Stabbing Incident: Benzino Used The Source Car Service To Get Him To The Hospital

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It has been almost 22 years since 50 Cent was stabbed outside the Hit Factory studio in New York.

The assault was believed to result from a dispute between 50 Cent and then-artist Ja Rule, Murder Inc, and artist Ja Rule. The feud between the two began when Ja was filming a video in Queens, and an associate of 50 stole Ja Rule’s Murder Inc chain.

CEO Irv Gotti and Chris Gotti were charged with assaulting 50 Cent, but the charges were later thrown out. 50 Cent was treated to three stitches after the stabbing. Black Child later confessed that he stabbed 50 Cent in self-defense because he thought someone had a gun. The incident became another chapter in the long feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent and one of G-Unit’s many (alleged) altercations.

On Friday evening, Former Source Magazine owner and reality tv star Benzino was in the East Coast on Locker Room on the Clubhouse app. During the almost hour session was answering questions when he shared a story of actually helping to get 50 Cent to the hospital the night he got stabbed.

“On 54th Street, it used to be Sony, and it used to be the Hit Factory; those were the two main studios that the labels would always use for N*** to make Hip Hop music. The group ‘Made Men’ I was in that group, and I will never forget; I’ve known Poke (Jean-Claude Olivier) and Tone (Samuel Barnes) of the Trackmasters, and I knew about 50 Cent and the mixtapes, but I had never met him. So, when that s*** was going down, 50 was up at the Hit Factory at Black Child, and then the beef happened. When 50 ran out of the Hit Factory, he ended up running down to Sony. It was on the same block so, and he came down. So, when Cool Gsus brought him down to the Hip Hop room, I was playing Madden, and he was like, this is 50 Cent,” said Benzino.

“I was a little upset because we don’t bring n**** to our studio without asking, and Gsus didn’t say anything, but me being the type of n**** I that I was, he was like, what’s up? Tone and they told me about you and good to meet you. I was like, okay, he had been stabbed up and s***. So, I said, look, the Source Magazine had a car service that we had at that time. So, I end up calling the n*** a car and sent him to the hospital because he didn’t have any money on him. So, I called the car service and sent him to the hospital and the rest was history.”

He added, “So when I moved out to Saddle River, I was beefing with Eminem and he was beefing with Ja Rule. During this time I got super-close to Murder Inc, Ja Rule, and they are my brothers even today. Went on world tours and made music together. So, it was like a coincidence that all this s*** happened at the same time… I am a loyal n***, the last cover of The Source we put Irv Gotti on the cover with the American Flag.”

50 Cent has gone on to executive produce shows such as the Power Series and BMF on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

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