Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan’s Daughter Received A Security Escorted To Bulls Bus Following Her Free Throw Line Screaming, Per Reports

On Wednesday, the daughter of NBA player DeMar DeRozan, Diar, became a viral sensation during a Toronto Raptors game against the Chicago Bulls. Her excited screams during the Raptors’ free throws caught the attention of fans watching at home, and she quickly became a trending topic on social media. However, the story took a darker turn when it was revealed that Diar had been escorted out of the arena by Bulls security due to severe online threats. These threats were not related to online gambling.

According to TNT’s Chris Haynes, the NBA alerted the Bulls of the threats against Diar and she was led out of the arena by her father for her own safety.

While DeRozan downplayed the situation in his comments to Haynes, the incident highlights the potential dangers of online harassment and the need for increased security measures to protect public figures and their families. It is also a reminder that while viral fame can be exciting, it can also have serious consequences.

“As long as she was there with her father, I wasn’t worried about anything happening! It was just a precautionary measure and I appreciate that.”

The screaming during the Bulls-Raptors game on Wednesday was a significant source of annoyance for Raptors fans. Despite this, the free-throw screaming was mostly taken in good humor, with Bulls fans appreciating Diar’s attempts to support her father’s team. The Raptors missed 18 out of 36 free throws in the game, adding to the story and the potential distraction caused by Diar’s screams.

DeRozan explained that his daughter was only at the game because the Bulls were playing the Raptors, a team that holds special significance for the family due to his nine seasons playing there. The family’s love for the Raptors and DeRozan’s ties to the team make the situation all the more bittersweet. However, the news of the severe online threats against Diar is a reminder of the dangers of online harassment, particularly towards public figures and their families. It is fortunate that the DeRozans are not too bothered, but the incident highlights the need for increased security measures to protect against such threats.

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