The Late Timers x Lex Rush’s “Soda Pops”: A Refreshing Blend of Jazzhop and Freestyle Rap

The latest release from The Late Timers x Lex Rush, “Soda Pops,” is a killer track that brings together the best of both worlds: the groovy beats of Jazzhop and the smooth flow of Freestyle Rap. The song features Lex’s signature freestyle style, backed by a hip-hop beat from Greg_Beat, a cool sax from Julien, and instrumentation and mastering from Mirage de Son.

Lex Rush, hailed as “The First Lady of Freestyle Rap,” delivers a memorable performance, showcasing her skills as a lyricist and performer. Meanwhile, The Late Timers’ musical expertise shines through in the catchy beat, rich instrumentation, and expertly crafted mix.

The Late Timers are a talented trio with diverse musical backgrounds who draw inspiration from Ninja-Tunes, DJ-Krush, St-Germain, and more. Their unique blend of jazz and hip-hop creates a refreshing sound that’s both accessible and sophisticated.

Overall, “Soda Pops” is a must-listen for fans of jazz hop and freestyle rap, showcasing the talents of both Lex Rush and The Late Timers. It’s a truly unique and refreshing sound that will leave listeners wanting more.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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