2023 Draft Candidate Brandon Miller Says He Talked Trash To Hornets’ Michael Jordan During Pre-Draft Workout [Watch]

As the NBA Draft loomed closer, all eyes were on Brandon Miller, the highly anticipated prospect projected to be the second overall pick. Reports swirled that he would be chosen by none other than Michael Jordan and the Charlotte franchise. However, what made Miller’s story even more captivating was his recent account of a pre-draft workout with Jordan himself.

During the intense session, Jordan allegedly told Miller that he was merely a shooter, sparking a fire within the young prospect. Unfazed by the basketball legend’s comment, Miller responded with some trash talk of his own. To add to his boldness, Miller even recalled witnessing Jordan airball a free-throw during the workout. With a hint of defiance, Miller playfully referred to Jordan’s age, insinuating that he would use that against him on the court.

The question now arose: How would Jordan react to Miller’s pushback? Would he take it personally, as he was known for doing throughout his illustrious career, or would he appreciate the prospect’s confidence and competitive spirit enough to select him? The situation had left fans and analysts pondering, eagerly awaiting the draft night revelation to see if Miller’s banter with the basketball icon had influenced Charlotte’s decision-making process. The anticipation grew, and the draft night stage was set for a potential clash of personalities and a momentous career milestone for the talented Brandon Miller.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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