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Celtics’ Fan Joyner Wants All The Smoke With Warriors’ Steph Curry

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The Golden State Warriors won their fourth championship in eight years, beating the Boston Celtics in six games. The game’s final score was 103-90, and Steph Curry was finally named Finals MVP unanimously, as he received all 11 votes, according to Yahoo’s Chris Haynes. You can see the whole panel in the list below.

Speaking of Curry, who finished with 34 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists, artist Joyner Lucas was at the game in Boston and apparent he wants the smoke with the now four time champ.

“I hate you, I hate you, said Lucas. “F***, I hate that n***.

Lucas who grew up in Worcester performed at half time of the game, and was later blamed for the loss to the Warriors by Celtics fans.

One user, according to, stated the Celtics set themselves up by having Lucas perform.

“Celtics set themselves up for this by having Joyner Lucas at halftime.”

A different user, “Celtics losing tonight was Joyner Lucas’ fault.” Whereas, one joked, “The weird a** Joyner Lucas hate is starting back up again.” The next one posted, “Can the Celtics get their money back from Joyner Lucas?”

Another user tweeted, “I would’ve left the arena once I heard Joyner Lucas was coming.”
During that time, one individual claimed, “They only lost cause Joyner Lucas came out during halftime to rap that bulls**t.” One added, “Boston fans had to sit thru a Joyner Lucas concert just to get mopped up and lose a championship on their home floor.” And, another user joked, “Celtics brought out Joyner Lucas for a halftime show, they should’ve known then it was a wrap.” One person quipped, “Boston fans gotta see their team crumble AND watch Joyner Lucas right now? LMAOOOOOOOOO THEY DESERVE IT.”

After the game ended, Seth Curry tweeted, “Don’t talk about Steph again unless it’s in a convo with the time great PLAYERS!! And i mean a hand full of people to ever touch a basketball.”

One Twitter user replied, “Players greater than Steph: Jordan, Kareem, Bird, Shaq, Kobe, Lebron, Duncan, Wilt, Russell, Magic, Durant, Giannis (eventually), Hakeem, Oscar, Malone…. Do I need to keep going?”

with Curry relying on “False.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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