Soulja Boy Slams Atari ‘Dead A** Video Game Company’

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Soulja Boy allegedly claimed to own the electronic gaming company Atari.

The rapper recently jumped on his Instagram Live to announce that he is Atari’s new boss, “I’m now the owner of Atari. I own the video game Atari.”

Soulja Boy then revealed that the company was pleased with their own videogame work for SouljaGame Consoles and SouljaGame Handhelds and even claimed that he was selling his own gaming company to Atari, “We are about to sell the company for…$140 million [USD]. Atari reached out…I just signed two deals with Atari. I’m the owner. The first rapper to ever own a video game company.”

Atari apparently refuted the claim by taking to Twitter to state that the CEO of Atari “belongs to Wade Rosen.

On Friday afernoon, Soulja Boy jump back to slam the video game company.

“First of all n****, f*** Atari. Second of all, I have been making millions from at SouljaGame Consoles and my own business. Atari y’all called me and said y’all want me to revamp company. Y’all know what I meant, Atari is a publicly-traded company. no one man own the s***. So, Atari ‘Eat a MF*** D***’ don’t call my phone no more asking me to help promote, ‘ y’all dead a** video game company,” said Soulja Boy.

The full rant can be seen below.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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