Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, And Stephen Jackson Blasted By Kwame Brown

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Gilbert Arenas is the latest guest on the All The Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. During the appearance, Arenas were asked about his time in Washington DC with Kwame Brown.

Jackson started off by stating the Matt Barnes said that Kwame Brown was the one of the best number one picks of all-time. If you see the expression on Jackson’s face, you can clearly see that he is being facetious.

“He could have been and this is why. Imagine being an 18 year-old kid being drafted number one by your idol and your idol is Michael Jordan. We know Michael Jordan. We know Michael Jordan’s mentality and imagine that personality going as an 18 year-old kid. Just bullying him and you have to remember, he is around his peers. You are not his peer these are his peer. So, when are looking less to his peers, he loses his confidence,” said Arenas.

“So, when I get there, he doesn’t have confidence. So, it’s trying to build this Manchild up, and what I mean by Manchild a big country human. Physically, I call him the show pony. He is a show horse. He probably couldn’t race, but looks good, though. You would see flashes of he is gone in games, but you would also see flashes of trama. Who, he could have been like Anthony Davis style. You are talking about a seventh-foot guy, that probably was the second fast on our team. Straight 100, he was gone, small hands, so he was more guard-like. So, he decided to take off the ball is still there, but it was more trama.”

Well, Brown got wind of the All The Smoke interview and hopped on Instagram live and addressed the criticism.

“Gilbert went on there and tried to act like an ally and he was cool with me. But, he said the same talking points that everybody else said. So, let’s address it. My hands are too small okay. The same hands that they measured and they look you up and down. They check your body inside and out, it is not like you get drafted and they say we are going to give you 15-20 million dollars,” said Brown.

“No, they get to know your family history, they get to know you. They do something called research and everything about you they know. No, asked why Stephen A. Smith, Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and why all these news outlets that claim to be media. When they are just the peanut gallery, the go on along, get along gang. They are fanboys and they get along with everybody. I’m friends with nobody, I didn’t know you n**** before, and I don’t want to know you n**** now. That’s how I am rocking and how I grew up.”

Brown played 11 seasons in the league and averaged 6.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, 0.9 per game in 607 games.

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Written by Landon Buford

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