Tim Hardaway Sr. Almost Broke MR. Cooper’s Neck In Warriors’ Practice, Says Mark Curry

31 Jan 1995: Forward Tim Hardaway of the Golden State Warriors makes a point during their game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Gardens in New York, New York.

Comedian Mark Curry rose to fame in the early 1990s, on the ABC hit show Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. On the tenth episode of the show in 1992, he had a contract to play for the Golden State Warriors.

However, according to Curry, the Warriors’ tryout was not just for the show; it was actually real. Curry was on Instagram Live with Ryan Hollins on Monday night when Hollins asked him how he got the Warriors tryout written into the show.

“Let me tell you how this went, and this is incredible that we are talking about this because I never really told anybody,” said Curry.

“They came back to me and said, hey, you going to be playing with the Warriors. I’m like, what? I was mad at them and said, you guys gotta let me know. I only had less than a month to prepare and play in the NBA,” said Curry.

“So, here I am, trying to figure it out. The first practice, Ryan was the most incredible thing. They wouldn’t let me into the Oakland Coliseum [Oracle Arena] because they didn’t think I was a Golden State Warrior. I said I’m a tryout they said no. They would not let me in. So, I was late to the first Golden State practice with Coach Nelson. Coach Nellie was the coach.”

He would continue:

“Do you know who the assistant coach was? Gregg Popovich! Gregg Popovich was the one that got me through Mr. Cooper. He sat me down and talked to me because Coach Nelson said, get your a** out there and play. He did not care! I showed up late, and here I am 20 minutes late at an NBA practice. So, you know, I walked in skinny, and the first thing Coach Nelson said, look at Hollywood. I am glad you made it.

Come step to the top of the key, homie, because you will make a free-throw, and if you miss, everybody got to run except you. Tim Hardaway said, MF, you better make it. Tyrone Hill said I will whip your a**, and I step up like a G and make the shot. “

During that same practice, Curry was doing a two-way drill and almost fainted. Tyrone took the ball and threw it up at bleacher level. On the second or third play, he attempted to dunk on Tim Hardaway Sr.

“I tried to dunk on Tim Hardaway. I come through, and he [struck me], so hard. I thought I broke my neck. I said I broke my neck, I laid there [on the ground], and that was the Golden State situation, ” said Curry.

Mr. Cooper was on the air for five seasons from 1992-1997.

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Written by Landon Buford

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