NBA, NFL Agent Billy Davis Discusses His Journey With Stephanie Otey

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The sports agency industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Many consider Rich Paul and Klutch Sports to be at the top of the basketball industry, David Mulugheta of Athletes First in football. However, like many other industries across the board, many agents look like Paul and Mulugheta.

Billy Davis is the founder of the Family of Athletes Agency, and he is an upcoming NBA and NFL agent. He started his career by helping former Dallas Mavericks, and Utah Jazz guard Yogi Ferrell.

Ferrell asked him to assist him with some things off the court such as business management. The opportunity gave Davis a chance to work with a friend of his and learn the business side of the sports industry. And about a year and a half later, he took the agency exam.

“There were some things that I saw, that I thought I could do better. With current agents, and other players, as far as the communication side,” said Davis.

“I thought I will a little bit more elaborative, and fluent speaking with a lot of the players because I have been there before and can relate to it. It made it a little easier during the transition and that is how I jumped into this industry.”

Davis was a recent guest on the ‎Sidelines with Stephanie Otey podcast and broke down his journey. They also talked about a variety of different things such as,having to work multiple jobs before that big break in sports, social media giving high school athletes exposure before even stepping foot on a college campus, and athletes standing up for racial injustice.

“After college, you don’t have much money, and with me being an independent person, I was not waiting for something to happen to Yogi [Ferrell], especially financially. So, a lot of things I would do is try to create more financial opportunities for him,” shared Davis.

“So, there was a four or five-month frame where I would wake up at 8 Am every morning, put on a button up shirt with slacks and go door to door. To different restaurants, venues, events, shake their hands, explain who I am, and what I was trying to do. Using Yogi’s platform in the Dallas area to bring opportunities to him. I thought there were some potential endorsement deals that I could close and earn some extra money not only for him, but me as well.”

Davis was also able to help out another friend, who was a professional poker player. He did all he could to stay within the industry by studying, working, living check to check to reach his goal.

Davis shared that it was like a 33 percent chance for individuals in his industry to pass the agency exam out of the 450 to 500 people who attempt to take the test. He passed with flying colors and said that he started to see his hard work paying off.

Something that has made that has leveled the playing field for younger agents has been social media, because not all of the older agents are familiar with it.

“I think the content and social media has definitely helped. I am on the younger side of things. So, a lot of agents who are older and have been doing it for a while are not tapped into social. Just because that is not their prime era. A lot of people in their late 40s or even early 40s are still using Facebook,” Davis said.

“While athletes are broadcasting on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and for me being younger, I know how to operate all those things. So, I can continue to push content for these young guys. It just lands different avenues for different people. “

During the pandemic, players cannot show their skills on the court, but social media, allows scouts to see what they are doing while in isolation.

Make sure you watch the full interview with Stephanie Otey and Billy Davis above, and follow their journeys.

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Written by Landon Buford

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