Vickie Guerrero Talks Favorite Eddie Guerrero Storylines, Chyna & Torrie Wilson Getting Hall Of Fame Invitations


Vickie Guerrero is one of the most well-known characters in WWE history with her patient catchphrase, “Excuse me!”. The former Raw and Smackdown general manager made her television debut in 2005, with her late husband Eddie Guerrero, as a part of a storyline involving former World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic. The on-screen storyline turned into a custody battle between Mysterio and Guerrero, which Mysterio would come up victorious thanks to a little help from Vickie Guerrero in the “Custody of Dominick” ladder match.

After almost a year in the business, Vickie would begin appearing more frequently on television in more controversial storylines. For example, she inserted herself into a feud between Ray Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero, where he accused Mysterio of capitalizing off of the Guerrero family name to get a push from the WWE. Vickie Guerrero was supposed to play the peacemaker at the beginning of the storyline, but would later turn heel as she formed an alliance with Chavo Guerrero, as his business manager.

Other memorable moments from Guerrero during her time with the WWE consists of La Familia with Chavo and Edge, managing Michelle McCool and Layla El of LayCool, and her feud with Stephanie McMahon.

Recently, Vickie Guerrero spoke with us at The Hype Magazine about meeting Sasha Banks for the first time at the first annual Women’s Royal Rumble, favorite matches with Eddie, and Torrie Wilson & Chyna getting Hall of Fame invitations this year.

Sasha Bank has been on the record on several occasions stating that Eddie Guerrero inspired her to become a WWE Superstar and has even paid tribute with his patent Frog Splash. For someone that was married to Eddie, how does it feel to you that he is still inspiring girls and boys all over the world?

I was able to speak with Sasha banks during the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, and it was quite inspiring to hear. Eddie was able to inspire her to pursue a career in wrestling, but also encouraged her to be herself and find her own identity. It was inspiring to see that the fans used some of the things that Eddie went through and overcame to turn his life around. It is always a gift for me to be able to hear how the fans have changed their life around for the better. When I can speak to the fans in my meet and greets, it’s a gift, and I wish Eddie were here to see it as the fans keep recognizing him even after he has been gone for 15 years.

What is one of your favorite storylines that involved Eddie that does not get talked about very much?

As far as Eddie goes, fans just loved his work. I cannot say there is a storyline that they do not talk about. I hear about all the storylines with him and Chyna working together. I also hear about the child custody storyline with Ray Mysterio, and his son Dominic. Those were great storylines as well as him and Chavo Guerrero, his nephew, working together. Also, Eddie sneaking into the Playboy Mansion. All these are just great memories that Eddie did in his career. So, to know that the fans still remember and they come up to me and say this is so funny or this is a great storyline, I love it. Eddie lied, cheated, and stole all his life in the ring. I even learned from that in my character and used that during my legacy in WWE. He rubbed off on me, and the fans enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts about Chyna finally getting the Hall of Fame Nod?

It’s about time she paid her dues and worked hard for WWE. Back when she was in WWF, she was a strong, empowering woman, who held her own among the men. For her to be recognized this year for the Hall of Fame, is well deserved and long past due. She is a great character and being a female watching her before, I became a part of the company. I was inspired by her because she wasn’t the blonde long hair model with a size zero waist. She was strong, massive, and she scared me sometimes to see how she worked in the ring wrestling against the men. It was quite amazing to me and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her and see her work ethic with Eddie. Now to be recognized in the Hall of Fame, I’m proud of her and happy to see her time come.

Torrie Wilson will also be inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. What are your thoughts on her 20 plus years in the business?

I was very excited to hear about Torrie Wilson being inducted. She is beautiful, and she had some, great storylines, but unfortunately, we never worked together. When I was in WWE, I believe she left the company shortly after I started or a year after that. She is talented and now today with her focus on fitness programs for people, it is inspiring. I got to work with her in the Royal Rumble, and it is always great to see a co-worker, especially a female, be inducted as they represent the women’s division.

Will you be in attendance for the Hall of Fame at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey this year?

No, I will be a Wrestle-Con and I will be on the other side of the street. Of course, if I get the call, then I will be there.

On a June 23, 2014, episode of Raw you had a segment with Stephanie McMahon where you throw her in a pool of liquid. How did it feel to embarrass your boss on national television?

I just found my opportunity to get her back for throwing me in the mud. She had her back to me, and I thought it was my chance to throw her in the mud. It was a great time to see her in a pretty dress and her hair all done in curls and then throw her in the mud. It was something I have always thanked her because she allowed me to have fun. It was a great night, but it was sad to leave. It was also exciting to see what was next for me. Stephanie receives bad press sometimes because of the character she plays on TV. I do not think there is a story that people do not talk about in regards to her. Stephanie is a beautiful person, and I admire her, in so many ways. She always has this memory that she left in my heart and I believe we were in Los Angeles for a Pay Per View. We came into the lobby and our girls that were five years apart were there. I think Shaul was maybe eight, and my little, one was three or four. They were playing with their toys in the lobby. Stephanie, Vince, and the whole McMahon family came in, and Stephanie came over and played with them. She talked to them, and it was heartwarming because we think some much of the family. Eddie and Vince have a great relationship and of course, they were talking to the side, while I was with Stephanie. To see her have a love for children and have the patience to take time to speak to and play with the girls. This has always been something that is special in my heart.

Your daughter Shaul Guerrero is also in the business. When you first found out that she would be following in Eddie’s footsteps, what was your first reaction?

I’m glad Eddie wasn’t around to hear Shaul say that. He was always protective and he knew how hard the industry was to be in. Shaul was quite talented, and she surprised me with how much she loves wrestling. She also had a presence in front of the camera. I always want my girls to do the best they can, in everything they do and be happy. Even though she got hurt and the company released her, she still finds her love through announcing and commentating for different promotions. I’m proud of her.

Besides the storyline with Edge was there any other storylines you enjoyed being a part of with the WWE?

There are some many, but some of my favorite times were working with the Undertaker. I was the only female to get a tombstone, so I’m very honored by that. I am also working with Dolph Ziggler who is general manager of both Raw and Smackdown. I had the opportunity to work with many different celebrities, which were great times. I was not only able to entertain, but I was also amused by some of my idols like Betty White and the Muppets, and Hugh Jackman. It’s an honor to be asked to be a part of the celebrity segment during the show. It was a lot of fun getting to create trouble in the WWE with the Michelle McCool and Layla during the LayCool storyline

What are you going to school for?

I’m going to school for my Bachelor’s Degree. I graduate in August with a degree in Healthcare Administration.

Would you consider going back full time with the WWE if they called and asked?

I have always left the door open for the possibility, and I’m still happy to do appearances. I am now more aware of how to manage my finances. If the money was right, I would be more than happy to go full time again.

What are your thoughts on the storyline with Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch?

I would love to see just Becky and Ronda be in a match by themselves. Charlotte Flair is presented with a lot of opportunities. She is a great wrestler and I love watching her work. I’m hoping that is changed to just Ronda and Becky for Wrestlemania. I know Becky personally, and she is a great worker. She puts her heart into everything. I think she deserves to have the title.





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Written by Landon Buford

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