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Wyclef Jean Details How He Linked DJ Khaled With Carlos Santana For Hit Record ‘Wild Thoughts’

Las Vegas, NV, Thursday, January 08, 2015. Wyclef Jean and Dj Khaled walk the red carpet at TAO Nightclub.

It has been four years since DJ Khaled released his seventh album, Grateful. The project features singles such as ‘Shining,’ ‘To The Max,’ ‘Major Bag Alert,’ and ‘Wild Thoughts.’

Speaking Of ‘Wild Thought,’ DJ Khaled sampled Santana’s 1999 single “Maria Maria.” A single that Carlos Santana co-signed and told Billboard that the single was a “timeless summer vibe.”

“There is a reason that the infectious groove/theme that Wyclef [Jean, fellow contributor] and I created on ‘Maria Maria’ still resonates today,” Santana said in a statement. “It speaks to the heart. DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson take that vibe and bring it to a new dimension with ‘Wild Thoughts,’ but the groove and essence of the song is still intact,” said Santana.

“Maria Maria’ was and will always be that feel-good summer song that speaks to women, and ‘Wild Thoughts’ is an extension of that summer song vibe that is timeless.”

“I am honored that DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson felt the intense intentionality of ‘Maria Maria’ and have shared this summer vibe with the world.”


On Thursday afternoon, Wyclef Jean was on Instagram Live where the individuals shared the backstory of how Khaled got in touch with Santana in the first place.

“Has there been a remix or a remake of the song that is almost as big because Khaled pulled off that ‘Wild Thoughts’ that’s big. When he did that it came out on a Friday. Saturday I had a show in Italy somewhere and the whole f***** club was singing ‘Wild Thoughts.’ I was damn in one day, that’s when you know it’s a hit,” said Fat Joe.

So, I know he came to you and you plug him with Carlos Santana, Joe said to Jean.

“Yeah, I mean Khaled is a brother and that’s the best way I can explain it. When Khaled had the vision and the way it explained it I think was the same vision when I did Killing me Softly,” said Jean.

“We were coming at Roberta Flack and said we got this idea…’Wild Thoughts got a billion streams so should we talk about it you feel me.”

Last month, Khaled hosted a Lavish Dinner with Drake and Fat Joe in attendance, according to Complex.

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Written by Landon Buford

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