WNBA Community Reacts To G-League Announcement Regarding Contracts

The NBA’s Developmental League, know as the G league, announced Thursday that they would offer High school standouts $125,000 as alternative incentive to the NCAA’s one and done route before entering the NBA.

WNBA players such as the Las Vegas Ace Forward, A’ja Wilson see it differently and as a slap in the face.

Earlier this summer Wilson made headlines after it was announced that LeBron James would be joining the Lakers on a four deal worth $154 Million Dollar. Her tweet brought awareness of the pay gap between the NBA and WNBA. A Max contract in WNBA is only 115,000, which is 10,000 dollars less than what G League is offering the top talent coming out of high school.

Also earlier this year, Wilson’s teammate point guard Kelsey Plum would echo A’ja frustration when she tweeted out that WNBA players are not looking to be compensated in the same capacity as their male counterparts, but they are looking to increase their stake in the revenue share to 50 percent. She would go on to say current CBA deal gives them around 20 percent.

I’m tired of people thinking that us players are asking for the same type of money as NBA players.. we are asking for the same percentage of revenue shared within our CBA. NBA players receive around 50% of shared revenue within their league, whereas we receive around 20%.

— Kelsey Plum (@Kelseyplum10) July 12, 2018

Three-time WNBA Champion Diana Taurasi spoke with See Hendo

“We have been talking about this for the past ten years, and it is the same adage. She would continue by stating that it is going to take drastic measures to get anything done. You can talk about it, and you can post it on Instagram we had an opportunity four years ago to take a stand as players. Instead, we took a bad CBA deal and anytime where you want something to make a difference you have to be willing to risk it all. At that time we weren’t, and we took a bad deal, and now we are in the same position we were 12 years ago. Not making a lot of money and not many improvements as a league we eventually have to take a stand as players,” said Taurasi.

Taurasi’s teammate Brittney Griner shared with me that they need to be pay more We should get paid more I don’t know where it is supposed to come from that is not my job. That is somebody else’s job, but we should definitely get paid more there is no reason why should have to go overseas to make a living… All we hear is that it is going to get better and we are working on it… So, what is happening?  Because we do not see it in our paychecks.”

13 year veteran Cappie Pondexter was recently interviewed by TMZ Sports and shared that she BARELY makes six figures a year as one of the WNBA’s biggest superstars … and she’s pissed off about it, saying the league “should pay me what I deserve!”

“It’s just getting out of line now,” Said Pondexter.

“I’ve been in the league for 13 years, making the vet minimum, which for me is $113,000 for the last five years, which is nothing compared to what the minimum is and the maximum is for the NBA.”

Cappie would be willing to strike if other players such as Diana Taurasi and Elena Delle Donne are down to join in.

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Written by Landon Buford

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