Usher Allegedly Gets Jumped At A Skating Party By Chris Brown And Crew In Vegas, Per Report

Chris Brown’s 34th birthday party was meant to be a night of celebration, but it quickly turned chaotic. The party was hosted by Usher, who had organized a surprise bash for his friend at Skate Rock City in Las Vegas. However, according to Hollywood Unlocked, the night took a turn when Brown got “disrespectful” with singer and actress Teyana Taylor for an “unknown reason.” Brown was noticeably “intoxicated” when he approached her, and several guests and Usher tried to intervene and calm the situation down.

Unfortunately, the commotion escalated, and Brown allegedly called Usher a “coward” before leaving the venue. Usher followed Brown onto his bus to talk to him, but things quickly turned violent. Brown and his crew allegedly beat up Usher so badly that he was left with a “bloodied nose.” The incident shocked fans, as Brown and Usher are known to be close friends. They even shared a sweet moment on stage together last year, where Usher called Brown a “legend” and “great.”

Since the incident, neither Brown nor Usher has spoken out to deny or clarify the report. However, Usher had previously expressed his interest in doing something like a Verzuz with Brown, where they would go hit-to-hit. He believed it would be one of the biggest things in entertainment in celebration of two people who love each other. It remains to be seen whether the incident will affect their friendship or future collaborations.

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Written by Cesar

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